BDS Door Package

BDS Direct Drive Operator

  • Adjustable open and close speeds with soft start and soft stop
  • Soft start/stop current limiting minimizes electric energy usage costs
  • Electronic clutch prevents damage to door if the open button is pressed when the door is mechanically locked
  • Cycle counter enables scheduled maintenance
  • 24VAC and 24VDC capability to power accessories
  • Two programmable outputs to control buzzer, light or interlock
  • Adjustable time to close from 0 to 240 seconds
  • No mechanical limit switches required
  • Adjustable deceleration/delay in reversing and emergency stop
  • Adjustable obstruction sensing
  • Planetary gear for high efficiency and reliability
  • Double shielded, precision stainless steel ball bearings
  • Back drive-able configurations available
  • Aluminum motor body provides superior corrosion resistance

BDS Car Wash Door System